Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cassidy Wolf SCANDAL Photos to be released by Hackers?

Cassidy Wolf SCANDAL Photos to be released by Hackers?

Miss California Cassidy Wolf just recently won the 2013 Miss Teen USA which was held last August 10, 2013 is now the center of sextorion which means someone is threatening her of releasing her private or explicit photos if she didn't gave money. Hence, the issue about sextorion involving Miss California Cassidy Wolf has gone viral online and that people are speculating that a sex videos or scandal photos of Cassidy Wolf might just surface online.

So to stop the person or hacker who is threatening Cassidy Wolf to release her alleged naked pics she already ask the help of FBI. Thus, the FBI are now conducting investigation regarding the sextorion case of Miss Cassidy Wolf.

This may be another phone hacking case which is now very rampant in any part of the world wherein the common victims are famous people such as celebrities, politician and now beauty queens.

We already heard so many cases about phone hacking and the most very memorable was the case of Christopher Chaney who hacked and leaked the private photos of celebrities or Hollywood stars namely like Christina Aguilera , Scarlett Johansson, and Mila Kunis. Christopher Chaney is now paying his wrong deed behind the bars, he was sentenced of 10 years imprisonment.

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