Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Willow Smith - Moises Arias in Bed PHOTO Scandal? Trending

Willow Smith - Moises Arias in Bed PHOTO Scandal Trending

Willow Smith and Moises Arias are now trending.  And the reason behind is the controversial photo showing both of them in bed, the said photo was posted in social media Instagram.

People are now making speculations or wondering why Willow Smith was with Moises Arias in Bed? So now various comments flooded the instagram about the photo, some are negative while others are positive comments.

Though the photo looks innocent but still you can't avoid yourself to think that something might happened between the two in bed. And what makes it very bad to look at also is that Willow Smith is only 13 and Moises Arias is 20 year old so what the hec3k a 13 year old girl doin in bed with Moises Arias .

What do you think guys? Well, see the photo below.
Courtesy of Instagram