Sunday, May 18, 2014

Marquez VS Alvarado TORRENT Video Download On Search

Marquez VS Alvarado TORRENT Video Download On Search

Juan Manuel Marquez has the won the fight against Mike Alvarado this Saturday, May 17, 2014 . It was a very hard, exciting and explosive fight.

Marquez is still a hard to beat opponent despite of his age. He's already 40 years old and still he was able to survived and defeated Mike Alvaro in a unanimous decision, their fight was a non-title welterweight.
Mike Alvarado was knockdown during the 9th round. So it gave so much excitement to the viewers even though he was knockdown in that round, he was still able to fought back and has remained standing up to the 12th round.

It was indeed a great fight! So must watch the video replay if ever you failed to watch the live coverage online.
You may download the full video through some torrent websites. Just simply search for it on various search engines.

You may also try the download link below.