Monday, November 19, 2012

Althea Altamirano Short Biography, Profile, Photos

Althea Altamirano Short Biography, Profile, Photos

Althea Altamirano she is one of the suspects for killing or murdering ABS-CBN talent, model Julie Anne "Jaja" Rodelas last Monday, November 5, 2012. It's been two weeks already when Althea Altamirano was arrested together with the other three suspects due to the murder case and still until now it is one of the trending topics in the Philippines. But who is Althea Altamirano? What was her participation on the killing of
Julie Anne "Jaja" Rodelas?

Althea Altamirano is a 23 year old, FHM Babe and She also became FHM's September 2010 Girlfriend of the Month. And she used to Julie Anne "Jaja" Rodelas's bestfriend. 

According to Althea, her boyfriend Fernando Quiambao was the one who carried out the killing, she didn't thought that they will kill Julie Anne "Jaja" Rodelas because what she only wanted was to teach Julie Anne a lesson. But now I think it's too late for Althea to be able to escape the murder case, because the family of Jaja is really standing firm to find justice for their daugther.

 A picture of Althea Altamirano

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