Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ellen Adarna Nude Esquire Cover 2014 (Uncensored Photo) on Search

Ellen Adarna Nude Esquire Cover 2014 (Uncensored Photo) on Search

Ellen Adarna's trending again and she is totally bringing the heat this summer as she posed completely naked or nude for the April 2014 "Summer Edition" of Esquire Magazine. The cover shows Ellen Adarna full naked body though the private parts were covered by the words Power," "Love," and "Pain.

This is the most and ever daring cover I think of Ellen Adarna, she bares it all for  Esquire Magazine April 2014 Edition.

So there's no doubt that she became the hot topic on various social media and search engines. The no. 1 topic being searched now is Ellen Adarna's Nude Esquire Cover 2014.

Some are even searching for the uncensored or unedited, uncovered version or the behind the scenes photo shoot of Ellen Adarna Nude Esquire Cover.

 Ellen Adarna is the latest cover girl for the April 2014 issue of Esquire Philippines. Oh, and she appears totally nude on the covers.

The April 2014 issue features Adarna lying on the ground totally nude. Covering her private parts are the words "Power," "Love," and "Pain." The magazine also released an alternate cover which showed Ellen’s silhouette and her nude body with the words "God," "Sex," and "Death" covering it.

Ellen is not new to getting sexy for magazines. She has been a cover girl for FHM and had her very own Gravure book. The issue brings in a lot of questions as well as a lot of praise. The cover was shot artistically and really shows Ellen’s beauty. Ellen is one of the hot mysteries in the Philippines’ entertainment industry. And the covers shows some hint or peak inside who she is. She shows off her sexy curves in the cover and she sheds some personal insights in the article.