Monday, March 31, 2014

Kalibo International Airport Hostage Taking? (Real Story)

Kalibo International Airport Hostage Taking? (The Real Story)

News broke out in some radio stations in Kalibo, Aklan that a hostage taking occured in Kalibo International Airport early morning of Saturday March 29, 2014 allegedly the reports said that a Chinese national held two Cebu Pacific Pilots. But this isn't true. Another report was aired on radio that mauling happened involving a group of Chinese nationals or tourist against two Pilots of Cebu Pacific and again this report isn't true.

Here's what happened.

An irate Chinese passenger confronted the Two pilots of the Cebu Pacific flight 5J-074 for turning back their flight to the Kalibo International Airport from Shanghai.

Police Officer 3 Nida Gregas, Aklan Police Provincial Office Public Information Office officer, told in a phone interview that tourist Xue We Lang was infuriated and yelled at Captain Johnny Pintoy and a certain Flight Officer Avila after their flight bound for Shanghai turned back to Kalibo due to bad weather.

Contrary to a radio flash report, Gregas said no mauling occurred.

Gregas said the Cebu Pacific flight was boarded by178 Chinese passengers. It left Kalibo early Saturday evening but due to zero visibility in China the pilots were left with no choice but to return to Kalibo. At about 11 p.m.,  Cebu Pacific flight 5J-074 touched down the Kalibo airport.

This irked Xue.

“While the pilots were on their way to the terminal building at the airport, they were blocked by Xue,” Gregas said.

As they were intercepted by Xue, Gregas said the Chinese tourist, who was speaking in his native language, confronted the ‎pilots, apparently angry for turning back to the Philippines.

Police said Xue was also angry because allegedly no hotel accommodations were given to stranded passengers.

‎The Aklan police officer said what made the situation worse was the absence of an interpreter while the pilots were negotiating with Xue.

Led by Inspector Jayjay Domingo, the Philippine National Police Aviation Security Group‎ quickly went to the airport.

Gregas said the airport authorities held the pilots and the Chinese tourist for 30 minutes for questioning.

“Around 4 a.m. Sunday, the interpreter came and explained to Xue that they cannot travel to Shanghai with the current weather condition there for their safety,” the female police officer said.

‎Also, there were no formal complaints filed by the airlines against the Chinese tourist.

Xue was scheduled to fly back to Shanghai Monday afternoon as the case was settled amicably by both parties.