Saturday, March 8, 2014

Belle Knox "Real Name" BIO, PROFILE

Belle Knox "Real Name" BIO, PROFILE

It's almost a week now and still Belle Knox is a hot topic online.  The search for her biography or real name is still flooding the web. People are keep on searching if what's the real name of Belle Knox. She's truly the most talked about woman now online.

So here's a short bio or profile of Belle Knox.

She is 18 year old and a student of Duke University taking Law. She is working as a porn star to sustain her schooling, in other words she worked as a pornstar for her education. She is currently pursuing a major in women’s studies and sociology in Duke University.

Belle Knox is just her screen name. In an interview, Belle Knox said this “I really enjoy sex, and I’ve always loved watching porn, so it just seemed like I could pay my way through college doing something I really love doing,” .

Her rumored real name is Miriam Weeks.