Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Julia Barretto Alleged Photo Scandal Trending

Julia Barretto Alleged Photo Scandal Trending

The teen princess and Kapamilya teen star allegedly has a photo scandal. The news has gone viral online and it's already posted all over the web. The alleged photo scandal of Julia Barretto shows her being kissed by old man. So now the question is who's the guy kissing Julia Barretto on her cheek. So this photo has made a huge buzz on social media particularly on Twitter. But for me I don't consider it a photo scandal, maybe the guy was just one of the fans of Julia.

Latest update on this issue: Guy on the photo clarified the issue:

The person or the man kissing Julia was identified as Ram, He works as Production Staff in ABS-CBN. So there's no photo scandal. The photo was taken during the 17th bday of Julia.

Here's what Ram said:

Ram, clarified the issue by saying: “Guys wag makinig sa mga bash. Goodvibes! Mabuting bata si Julia! Birthday pic lang namin Ito ng bata.

But we all know that Julia's mother Marjorie Barretto was a victim of photo scandal that was posted on online where it became the hot topic for several weeks gaining millions of hits on the search engines. Until now the culprit who posted the uncensored, unedited photo scandal of Marjorie was not identified.

So guys, be good and don't share malicious photos of innocent people, just like Julia Barretto.