Friday, October 18, 2013

Sarah Geronimo Latest Naked Photo SCANDAL 2013 Trending!

Sarah Geronimo Latest Naked Photo SCANDAL 2013 Trending!

A latest or new photo scandal of Sarah Geronimo is now trending online, the alleged new photo scandal was just released or surfaced online this few days ago this month of October 2013. The photo was I think taken from a sex video, where you can see Sarah Geronimo on the top a guy doing the deed. But when I first saw the photo, I firmly believed that it's another Fake photo scandal of Sarah, just like other celebrities whose edited photo scandal posted online particularly in social networking websites: Facebook, Instagrama and Twitter.

So there's no truth about Sarah Geronimo's naked or nude Photo Scandal that is again spreading online. It's purely another product of Photoshop, a master in Photoshop did it. They just replace the head of the original woman on the video or photo to Sarah's Head and upper body. They blurred it to censor the scene though may be there's an uncensored photo posted on other sites.

This is just like the others and for sure next day or week or next month another photo scandal of Celebrity will surface online but let's examine the photo first before believing that it's real.

Here's the alleged 2013 Naked Photo Scandal of Sarah Geronimo.