Monday, February 24, 2014

VIDEO: Pangasinan Flesh Eating Skin Disease Spreading

VIDEO: Pangasinan Flesh Eating Skin Disease Spreading

Flesh Eating Disease or Illness is now spreading in the Province of Pangasinan, Philippines. A video of a victim of the said Flesh Eating/skin disease is now going viral online. It’s a very alarming occurrences that everyone in the world not just in the Philippines must be aware and pray that it may not spread and be cured as soon as possible.

The news about the Pangasinan Flesh Eating Disease or Skin Disease is now the trending topic worldwide and for sure the Department of Health in the Philippines as well the World Health Organization are now eyeing for this incident and probably making the best action that they can do to stop the spreading.

According to reports that the said Flesh Eating Skin Disease in Pangasinan was first predicted or prophesied by the famous Indian Prophet Sadhu. The man who also predicted the tsunami in Japan, Bohol earthquake, typhoon Yolanda devastation in Samar and Leyte provinces in the Philippines.

So now the question is, is really happening now? Is this what Sadhu is talking about?

Watch the Video:

I hope he is wrong. There’s only one man to believe and that’s our Almighty Father.
Let’s all pray to Him that all the victims in Pangasinan will be cured and this Disease will not spread.