Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gunman PEDRO VARGAS Names of Victims (BIO, Photo)

 Gunman PEDRO VARGAS Names of Victims (BIO, Photo)

 A very gruesome incident took place in an Apartment Complex in South Florida on Friday, where a man burned his apartment and starting shooting around the area that killed 6 people. And I'm referring to the 42 year old gunman named Pedro Vargas.

The names of his victims were identified,  see their biography below:  The victims were living in the same area of the crime.

Italo Pisciotti (The manager of the Apartment Building)
Camira Pisciotti (Wife of Italo Pisciotti)
Carlos Javier Gavilanes (33 year old, a resident in the Area)
Patricio Simono (54 year old)
Merly Niebles (53 year old wife of Patricio Simono)
Female Teenager (17 year old daughter of Patricio Simono and Merly Niebles)

The photos of victims as well as the gunman were not yet revealed.