Thursday, January 30, 2014

Zimmer Raz, Ferdinand Guerrero BIO, Profile (PHOTO)

Zimmer Raz, Ferndinand Guerrero BIO, Profile (PHOTO)

The other men involved in mauling Vhong Navarro has been identified as Zimmer Raz and Ferdinand Guerrero aka Mike. See their short Biography or profile below:

Zimmer Raz aka Zimmer Rance is a bodybuilder and an MMA fighter and a former Mr Philippines. While Ferdinand Guerrero who was identified by Vhong as Mike. He is a business partner of Lee’s who is involved with black sand mining in Cagayan.

The other one was Bernice Lee the sister of the Cedric Lee.

A photo of Zimmer Raz aka Zimmer Rance

The 8 men including Cedric Lee were all identified through the CCTV released by the NBI/